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tk 500 + Padded bag


Electronic device able to attenuate the noise of the snoring thanks to its interactive acoustic filters, but it allows you to listen to an alarm clock, A baby crying or have a conversation. Easy and convenient to use. It does not transmit any harmful waves.


Product Description

The device TK 500 is the ultimate solution for those who suffer from the noise of the snoring. This appliance runs through a few adaptative filters that attenuate the snoring by creating a reversed sound waves. The main novelty of the device is that it helps the person who suffers the snoring, so there is no need to disturb or wake the person who snores.

It is very simple to use: put the earpiece – with 3 different sizes of pads-, turn on… And rests.

The pack includes: Device TK 500 + 3 Pads + USB cable and the electrical plug for the battery charging + clamp to fasten the wires + carrying bag.

Plus small padded bag you can carry with total security all components of the TK 500 protecting them from any coup or relentlessness thanks to its lightweight and resistant materials.